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Corrib Gas Field

The team at MMG Welding Ltd in partnership with Barrier Ltd carried out Major work on the Corrib Gas Project.

In April 2012 the Pig Launcher was set in place at MMG Welding workshop at Killybegs. All valves were removed from the Pig. The pipe was cut to allow 5 No pigs to be installed overseen by Speil and Halliburton. All valves were cleaned and torqued back into place. Two blank cap ends were welded to each side of the pig to allow for hydro test 477 bar.

The pig was then transported from Killybegs to Glengad, Mayo. It was Located at the offshore pipeline for the MMG Welding Team to commence welding to the Gas Line.

As a result of works carried out 5 pingers are then released seventy mile offshore.


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