Marine Welding

Killybegs Welding Company Launches New Compact Gangway

MMG Welding invented the new Compact Gangway which is 100% aluminium, lightweight and easily assembled. Inventor Martin McGuinness at MMG saw the problem of needing a gangway when arriving or departing a port. With 28 years experience working in Killybegs, he heard the complaint about waiting for a gangway from so many crews. He also heard that the port gangways were too heavy and cumbersome to store aboard. And people are always waiting for them to arrive. So, he went about designing his solution to an age old problem. The answer to the problem, the Compact Gangway, was launched for Beta testing in mid 2018 and is now available for sale from 2019. Orders started coming in from local and visiting boats before Martin got a chance to officially launch. The initial orders went to local boats and are now going to the UK and mainland European ports as well,

Benefits of Compact Gangway

Compact-Gangway-Launch-MMG-WeldingBeta testing the new Compact Gangway was done for almost a year and the feedback from owners has been hugely positive. The benefits highlighted in the feedback include:
Faster unloading time in port, especially foreign or non-home ports
Faster exit from port, with no dependency on port gangway service
Ease of storage aboard, taking up just 3.25 metres and lashed to deck for safekeeping
Light in weight
Simple to deploy
Made to last, durable, weatherproof
Adds to health and safety aboard as it can be used to disembark to another boat

Delivery Times
Now that production is in full flow, MMG can deliver a new compact gangway anywhere in the world within 4 weeks.

The new Compact Gangway is easy to maintain. Wash or power wash to ensure it does not get slippy. All connectors are replaceable.


The new Compact Gangway comes with a full 5 year warranty on all parts. The aluminum fabrication means that the lifespan of a Compact Gangway is well over 10 years.

Watch this short video and see the new Compact Gangway for yourself.